How To Insulate Patio Doors In 5 Effective Ways (2023)

Patio doors are an ideal doorway since they allow in the morning light, creating a more open atmosphere until temperatures drop. It is no surprise to many homeowners that patio glass doors can be a significant source of heat loss.

Because glass is a poor insulator, it isn’t easy to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Furthermore, patio doors give numerous escape routes for the heat within your home. As a result, the area around your patio door is frequently drafty.

As the fall season fades and the winter season approaches, you begin to worry about how to keep your family warm, and knowing how to insulate patio doors is one way to do so.

Here are some ideas for insulating a patio door.


  • How to Insulate Patio Doors
  • 1. Keep the door track clean
  • 2. Add or replace old Weather Stripping
  • 3. Plastic window kit
  • 4. Caulking to insulate a patio door
  • 5. Insulated drapes
  • FAQs About Insulating Patio Doors
  • What is the best way to insulate a sliding glass door?
  • Do patio doors make a room cold?
  • Why is water coming in under my sliding glass door?
  • Author

How to Insulate Patio Doors

1. Keep the door track clean

Imagine a house with open doors during winter, and you might be better off by pitching a tent outside, right.

Well, if you have a patio door running on sliding tracks and you don’t clean the tracks channels regularly, be sure that your door won’t close properly.

Patio doors are prone to lots of debris since they are outside, and if you don’t clean them, the debris will accumulate.

I used to clean mine every week until I was shocked with the amount of debris it was packing after a week and decided to give it special cleaning every three days.

Depending on the foot traffic you have on your patio, decide how many times you should clean your door tracks to keep it functional.

Furthermore, sweeping your patio door tracks won’t take long. However, I would recommend vacuuming it. Use a vacuum with a header that will fit in the slider channels to effectively remove even the tiny sand particles that will make your door not seal properly.

Please keep the patio door clean to prevent warmth leakage

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2. Add or replace old Weather Stripping

A squishy lining attached to your door’s jamb is the weather stripping.

Weather Stripping plays an important role on our patio doors, and they help minimize the loss of warm air by ensuring there are no gaps between sliding glass doors. They also keep snow and rain out of our home.

However, this black rubber substance wears out and needs replacement. Inspect your door frame to see if there is any that needs replacement.

When you see the light passing through the frame, that indicates your weather Stripping is worn out. They are different varieties of Weather Stripping to choose from; there is foam tape, felt, V-strip, and tubular silicone.

Weather Stripping is easy to install; pick one that will suit your patio door frame and install it to fix the drafty door.

3. Plastic window kit

Experiencing a harsh winter climate, then this inexpensive temporary fix is the best for you. The plastic window film is designed to increase insulation, and it will make your patio door more energy efficient.

Most people refer to this strategy as old school, but many of us will agree that it is still effective. Plastic insulation uses shrink-wrap that shrinks when exposed to heat, making it easy to install yet messy.

If you can bear the mess, get a crystal-clear film heat shrink to seal out cold and use a hairdryer to seal it.

How To Insulate Patio Doors In 5 Effective Ways (1)

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The plastic sheeting can be cut to fit any patio door regardless of the size. As you heat it, it will shrink and tighten, making your patio door airtight.

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4. Caulking to insulate a patio door

Redo the caulk around the edges of your patio door since exterior caulk wears out over time. Caulking is very helpful in insulating a patio door; they prevent moisture and wind from entering your house.

Inspect for cracks around the frame and where the patio door meets the house. If you see cracks remove the damaged caulk and replace it with a new one

If you want a temporary fix, use a rope caulk rated for doors, it’s an easy do-it-yourself process. For a long-lasting solution, combine the rope caulk with a caulk gel.

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5. Insulated drapes

Insulated drapes are a sassy way of insulating a patio door. The curtains are thick and meant to block the draft and help prevent the warmth from escaping. You can’t go wrong if you invest in an insulating curtain.

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When shopping for insulated thermal drapes for patio doors, check for the resistance value. The higher the R-value, the greater its insulating power.

How To Insulate Patio Doors In 5 Effective Ways (3)

FAQs About Insulating Patio Doors

What is the best way to insulate a sliding glass door?

Most people refer to using a plastic window kit as old school, but many of us will agree that it is the most effective way.

Plastic insulation uses shrink-wrap that shrinks when exposed to heat, making your sliding glass patio doors energy efficient.

Do patio doors make a room cold?

Patio and French doors are nowadays installed properly.

Moreover, they are designed to be highly insulating, thanks to double glazing and high-quality UPVC frames.

Why is water coming in under my sliding glass door?

Water invading your sliding glass door is usually an indication of a problem with the tracks fitted to the bottom or the top of your sliding door frame.

Water can seep in easily if the tracks are misaligned since your door cannot seal promptly.

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During winter, you want to retain warm air as much as you can, so don’t let your patio door increase your electrical bills during this season. Maintain your patio door year all round so that you can have an easier job before winter

Cleaning your patio door tracks, redoing the caulk, replacing the weather stripping are some of the easy projects you can do by yourself to ensure your family is warm during winter.

Now that you know how to insulate patio doors, the winter months will no longer be a problem for you.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions concerning the patio door insulation; drop them in the comment section below. We are here to help. A beautiful patio is also a warm patio.

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What is the best way to insulate patio doors? ›

Install Plastic Window Film

Plastic window film can add an extra layer of insulation to your patio doors, ensuring that you keep your morale up and your energy bills down.

What is the best way to insulate a sliding glass door? ›

Install plastic window film.

Specially designed plastic window film is an inexpensive, temporary solution that can help to insulate single pane glass doors during the coldest months of the year. Designed for windows, plastic window film is manufactured to be cut to size and can be tailored to fit any glass surface.

How do you insulate a sliding glass patio door? ›

To help insulate sliding glass doors for winter, we recommended these five things to keep heat in and the cold out:
  1. Clean sliding door tracks.
  2. Seal gaps and cracks.
  3. Check the weatherstripping.
  4. Add fin seal or brush fin weatherstripping.
  5. Cover doors with a window film insulation kit.
Jan 25, 2022

How do you insulate under a patio door? ›

Weather Strips are common examples of how to insulate a sliding glass door for winter. They create a seal being placed in between the door and its frame as well as floor and door jamb.

How do you stop drafts around sliding glass doors? ›

Buy a draft stopper that you like and keep it pressed against the gap at the bottom of your patio door. Draft stoppers are especially useful for doors with hinges, although your sliding patio door may also benefit from a draft stopper.

How do you insulate a door easily? ›

Spray Insulation Foam into the Door

Spray some foam into each hole, using a straw or tube to help you. The foam will begin to expand immediately, so take care not to over-fill the door. Stop if you see excess foam escaping.

Can we have insulation sheets for sliding glass doors? ›

Plastic Window Film

Simply cut the plastic sheet to size, attach it to the glass pane using the double-sided tape, and then use a hairdryer to seal it. The plastic polymer will shrink and compress when exposed to heat, and this creates an effective barrier against heat loss through the glass doors.

How can I insulate a glass door? ›

Add a Window Insulation Kit – Old school and still a very effective way to insulate windows and doors. Plastic film insulation kits (also known as storm window kits) are readily available at any hardware store. Just clean the glass well and cut the film to fit any size or type of door.

Is Vaseline good for sliding glass doors? ›

Use Vaseline as a substitute for WD-40 by apply a layer on squeaky or sticking hinges of doors, cabinets and windows and on the tracks of sliding glass doors and on the door seal of your refrigerator.

How do you frost a patio door? ›

2: Frosting film
  1. Clean the glass with window or glass cleaner. ...
  2. Measure the windows and cut the film to the right size. ...
  3. Peel the paper off the paper off the back of the film. ...
  4. Put the film onto the window and move it into position.
  5. Use a squeegee to push the water out from behind the film. ...
  6. Allow the film to set.

Why is my sliding patio door hard to open in cold weather? ›

Answer: A patio sliding door often sticks in the winter because of changes in temperature and humidity that causes wood to move or expand. The frame, door, and home structural framing move. This movement also makes any lack of lubrication or dirt compound the problem.

How do you insulate the bottom of a door? ›

Another simple and cost-effective tip for how to insulate entry doors is to install weather seal along the bottom edge of your doors. A sweep or brush seal works by sealing any gap between the door and the floor when the door is closed. This will help to eliminate air, dust or bugs from creeping in underneath to door.

How do you keep heat in the bottom of the door? ›

If you are losing heat through doors, consider using a door draft stopper. These insulators are made to fit along the bottom of your door, keeping air from escaping through those small cracks. You can go out and buy one, or you can make your own if you feel creative.

How do you insulate old sliding windows? ›

6 Ways to Insulate Windows without Replacing Them
  1. Install Window Inserts. Window inserts offer excellent insulation during those frigid winter months while being cost-effective compared to full window replacements. ...
  2. Bubble Wrap. ...
  3. Traditional Caulk. ...
  4. Insulated Glass Units. ...
  5. Thermal Curtains. ...
  6. Draft Stoppers.

How do I stop condensation on my patio doors in the winter? ›

Use a ceiling fan to continuously circulate air. Use dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture inside homes with humidity problems. Open windows and doors when practical to reduce excessive moisture inside a home.

What is the best insulation around the exterior door? ›

Weatherstripping is the most common insulation around any door. While it comes in many styles, you'll want to remove old weather stripping and wash the doorjamb before installing new foam.

How do you keep cold air from coming through French doors? ›

  1. Use Weather Strips. Weather strips are an inexpensive way to seal doors and windows in your home. ...
  2. Install New Door Sweeps. ...
  3. Apply Foam Tape. ...
  4. Insulate with Window Film. ...
  5. Hang Insulated Curtains. ...
  6. Recaulk Windows and Doors. ...
  7. Use a Door Snake. ...
  8. Single vs.


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