Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Find Secret Boss (2023)

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The second chapter of Deltarune is now available for free, directly continuing the story from the end of chapter one. Like the first chapter, this new installment is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered and hints at a much bigger mystery.

One of the most significant parts of Deltarune's initial chapter that captured players' attention was the hidden boss, Jevil. While he isn't available to battle for chapter two, there is another secret boss that players can face if they can follow the correct steps. However, this secret boss is the most formidable challenge of the chapter, making it likely to result in plenty of game overs trying to attempt it.

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Players can complete the required steps to reach the secret boss as long as they're inside the Dark World located inside the library computer lab. Due to the nature of this boss, there will be minor spoilers discussed, as specific requirements are part of chapter two's main story progression.

The First Blue Checkmark

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The first step to unlocking the secret boss can be done in chapter two's first main area: Cyber Field. Starting at the crossroad where the entrance to the Deltarune city is, players will want to go east. Instead of going right into the bullet-dodging area on the following map screen, players will want to go north to another map area.

(Video) DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Secret Boss Full Walkthrough and Fight (Pacifist)

In this northern map is a character that looks like a mouse cursor known as the Hacker. He will ask the player to find all three blue checkmarks located in Cyber Field. By doing this, he will help the player later on in the chapter regarding the secret boss.

The first blue checkmark can be found by leaving the Hacker's area, going east through the first bullet-dodging section, but going south instead of going through the second bullet-dodging section. This will lead players to an area with multiple Tasques roaming around and ready for battle. By taking the exit on the lower east side of the screen, players will find a chest containing a GlowWrist and the first blue checkmark.

The Second Blue Checkmark

The second checkmark is in the area with the three different teacup rides. While only one leads to where players need to progress, a different one leads to the second blue checkmark.

Of the three teacup rides, the center one will take players to the checkmark. To progress up to it, players need to turn the ride so that Kris makes contact with the arrows as the group ascends. Susie or Ralsei touching the arrows will not count, with the ride going back to the bottom if players miss any of the arrows. At the top is a chest containing the second checkmark.

The Third Blue Checkmark

Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Find Secret Boss (3)
(Video) How to Find DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton NEO - Where to Use EmptyDisk, KeyGen, Basement

The last blue checkmark can be found by going up the left teacup ride and hitting all arrows with Kris, like with the middle teacup ride. Instead of a chest, this will lead players to a typing puzzle where they must type "GIASFELFEBREHBER." This phrase has no apparent meaning and appears to be a keysmash.

While the nonsensical nature of the keysmashed word may make the puzzle seem intimidating, it is easy to solve if players take their time. The following letter for each input is usually next to the key the player is currently standing on, with players being safe to also step off the keyboard to get to another letter. Typing the phrase will give players their last blue checkmark.

After getting all of the blue checkmarks, players just need to return to the Hacker, where it seems like the only prize for this sidequest is fireworks. This is far from the only reward, though, with the Hacker returning later in the chapter.

Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Find Secret Boss (4)

If players complete the Hacker's sidequest, he will appear in two different places inside the Queen's Mansion. After encountering the Tasque Manager, the next room in the Mansion will have stairs and a roadway with oncoming traffic. The stairs lead to story progression and can be ignored for now, so players will have to use the various stop buttons to freeze traffic for short bursts of time to avoid getting hit.

After getting through all of the cars, players will be able to get to the east exit of the room. Reaching this exit will result in the room's traffic being stopped for good, so players don't need to complete the stop button puzzle every time they want to go through the room from this point onward.

The room to the east is filled with various statues of the Queen, tables, signs, and candlesticks. If the sidequest from earlier was completed, the Hacker should also be found pacing around the room. Talking to him will reveal that he knows of a secret passage somewhere within the room.

(Video) SECRET BOSS | Deltarune Chapter 2

To find it, players need to watch him pace the room and look for his body shape to change from a normal mouse cursor to a click mouse cursor. Where he changes is where the button opening the hidden basement passage is. Press it to open both and a shortcut back to the Mansion's main hub area.

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Unlocking the Basement

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While the entrance to the basement is available now, the actual basement itself is still locked. To get access to it, players need to get an item known as the Key-Gen. This can be purchased from a secret shop ran by the mini-boss earlier in the chapter named Spamton.

To find Spamton's shop, players need to go through the warp door in the Mansion to the Trash Zone. Heading left from the door into the following map and going north through the hole in the wall will bring players to a shop that only Kris can enter. This is Spamton's shop, a place filled with glitching text and items. One of the items sold by Spamton is the Key-Gen. While it may be expensive, its price is constantly changing, so players should keep attempting to buy it until it changes to a price they can actually afford.

After getting the Key-Gen, talking to Spamton will have the shopkeeper ask Kris to get a disk from deep inside the basement and bring it back to him. With the newly bought item at hand, players can move on to this next step.

Getting the Disk

Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Find Secret Boss (6)
(Video) HOW To Unlock The Secret Boss In Deltarune Chapter 2? | Spamton NEO (Step By Step Tutorial)

When going to the basement, Kris won't let Susie or Ralsei follow them. A forcefield blocks the eastern path, so players need to take the west path. There will be hazards that can take a bite out of Kris's health if players don't dodge carefully enough. While Kris won't be getting into any battles alone during this section, players will want to preserve Kris's health as much as they can in between saving.

In the left-most room in the hallway is what seems to be an empty room at first. However, a teacup ride will appear that will take Kris very deep down where the switch to turn off the forcefield is. This is where the challenge starts.

As Kris rides up the teacup ride elevator, spinning bullet patterns will appear along the pathway back up. If caught off guard, it is very easy for players to lose all of Kris's health. The best way to dodge is to go along with the spin direction of the bullets. This may take multiple tries, making it important to save afterward and get Kris's health back up.

The newly opened path will lead players to a room with lines of train tracks and two rooms. By going into the eastern room, players will find empty, overgrown tunnels and a defunct robot. Inside this robot is the disk that Spamton wanted.

Reaching the Secret Boss

Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Find Secret Boss (7)

After getting the old disk, players need to return to the Trash Zone and talk to Spamton to give him the disk. By agreeing to provide him with the disk, players will be warned that doing so will cause his shop to close up and be inaccessible forever. Because of this, players should buy what they want before handing it over.

(Video) Deltarune: Chapter 2 - Full Playthrough (w/ secret boss!)

Once the disk is given, Spamton will ask Kris to load the disk into the robot players' originally found it in. This means going back to the Mansion basement and back to the robot. Putting the disk back in the robot is what will begin the secret boss encounter, so players need to make sure they're loaded up on items, equipment and properly saved before the fight. It is quite the difficult one, so players have a lot to prepare for.

Deltarune: Chapters 1 and 2 are available now for PC via and Steam.

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