Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (2023)

Black Clover is a great supernatural anime that debuted in 2017 and takes place in the magic-filled world of the Clover Kingdom. It's one of the best anime shows from the 2010s. In the anime, viewers are introduced to a number of different magical groups, known as squads. There are nine squads of the Magic Knights: the Golden Dawn, Silver Eagle, Blue Rose, Crimson Lion, Green Mantis, Coral Peacock, Purple Orca, Aqua Deer, and Black Bull.

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The Black Bull squad is, unfortunately, considered the worst in the Clover Kingdom. It has a reputation for being full of degenerates, rebels, and miscreants. Regardless of this, the squad is incredibly fun to watch and is full of interesting, quirky characters.

Updated November 18, 2021 by Mark Sammut: Black Clover's manga and anime might have ended their run, but the shounen series' impact is still being felt. Following a somewhat rough opening few episodes, Black Clover eventually established itself as one of the more exciting long-running action anime of the last few years. A lot of the show's appeal can be credited to the lovable Black Bull squad members. The anime and manga wonderfully explore these characters, giving each one many opportunities to shine in both dramatic and comedic scenarios. This article covers the ages, birthdays, and heights of the Black Bulls, and this data has been collected in a chart.

Black Clover Statistics Chart

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (1)

Black Clover's Black Bull squad has an extensive line-up of members, covering 15 characters overall. To make the information regarding each character's age, height, and birthday as accessible as possible, the data has been collected in the below table.





Yami Sukehiro


September 17

6'0" / 183 cm



October 4

5'1" / 155 cm

Nacht Faust


April 30

5'11" / 180 cm

Vanessa Enoteca


May 16

5'7" / 170 cm

Charmy Pappitson


June 3

4'7" / 142 cm

Gauche Adlai


June 27

5'11" / 180 cm

Zora Ideale


December 19

5'9" / 176 cm

Finral Roulacase


February 6

5'8" / 172 cm

Gordon Agrippa


January 13

6'2" / 187 cm

Noelle Silva


November 15

5'3" / 160 cm



February 20

5'2" / 159 cm

Magna Swing


April 7

5'7" / 170 cm

Luck Voltia


October 11

5'7" / 170 cm

Henry Legolant


February 26

6'2" / 187 cm

Secre Swallowtail


June 18

4'11" / 152 cm

¹ This age refers only to Secre's human form, as her bird form is estimated to be roughly 500 years old.

15 Yami Sukehiro

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (2)

Yami is the captain of the Black Bull squad. Outside of the group's vice-captain and technically Secre, Yami is the oldest member of the squad. He also kind of looks like Trevor Belmont from Castlevania. Yami's magic is primarily dark magic, and he has a katana that he uses with the ability to affect other worlds. The katana can absorb light magic.

Yami also uses restraining magic and can use mana to increase his power in a fight. Yami is simultaneously a carefree character and someone who pushes his squad to their limits, even if that means using Finral as a personal taxi service.

14 Asta

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (3)

Asta is a loud and passionate character determined to become the Magic Emperor. He looks and acts similar to Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins. At the beginning of the anime, many people doubt Asta because of his lack of magic power.

He is an underdog orphan from the small rural town of Hage. But Asta ends up joining the Black Bulls in part because of his ability to use anti-magic. Asta is small but agile, and he is also extremely strong as he spent years honing his physical ability to pick up the slack for his lack of magic power.

13 Nacht Faust

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (4)

Nacht is a former noble and current vice-captain of the Black Bulls. Nacht is 29 and his birthday is April 30th. He is relatively tall, at about 5'11 in height. He has a well-defined moral code and relies upon logic and his own reasoning to get him through difficult situations.

Nacht has a twin named Morgen and received his grimoire when he was 15 years old. Nacht's magic revolves around the use of shadows. Four devils give Nacht his power, endowing him with strength and magic ability.

12 Vanessa Enoteca

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (5)

Vanessa is a witch with an eccentric personality and an affinity for liquor. Vanessa appears quite tall, but she is only about 5'7 without heels. She has earned the nickname of the Drunk Frenzy Witch due to her wild behavior and constant drinking.

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Vanessa can be manipulative, lazy, and seductive, but she's also smart and gets what she wants. Her magic revolves around the use of thread and she has the ability to dodge enemies, heal allies, and damage foes with her thread magic.

11 Charmy Pappitson

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (6)

Charmy is a 19-year-old dwarf-human who loves food and feels like a character from a shojo anime. She has the ability to change her appearance, transforming from a little girl to a mature young woman. Most of the time, Charmy is quite small, around 4'7 in height.

Charmy offers everyone around her food, often to the point of annoying them. She can also manipulate cotton to help transport and protect her squad or trap enemies. Her food magic is similar to Asta's anti-magic in that it can absorb or undo other types of magic.

10 Gauche Adlai

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (7)

Gauche is a 19-year-old noble from the House Adlai. He is tall and slim, coming in at 5'11 in height. His features appear somewhat elf-like. He loves his younger sister Marie deeply and is passionate about protecting her at all costs.

Gauche uses mirror magic in battle to create copies to confuse enemies, and he can also reflect light to blind enemies. Gauche's magic is partly due to Drowa, the elf, possessing him.

9 Zora Ideale

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (8)

Zora is a pale, red-haired character with eyebrow piercings and a unique mask worn across the lower half of his face. He is 25 years old and his birthday is December 19. Zora is 5'9 in height and has a slim, muscular build.

Zora wears a lot of black clothing and is known for being witty, sly, and sometimes rude. Zora can create magical traps and use ash to defeat enemies in a fight. Like Asta, Zora comes from a humble background and is from the rural countryside.

8 Finral Roulacase

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (9)

Finral has a noble pedigree from the House Vaude and is a member of the Black Bulls. The 21-year-old loves the color green, and in social situations, Finral is a total flirt and seemingly enjoys being the center of attention.

Finral is practical when he needs to be but is overall energetic and outgoing. He is rather "girl-crazy," a trait that has caused some characters to lose respect for him. However, he is also dependable.

7 Gordon Agrippa

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (10)

Gordon is perhaps most easily recognized by his signature gothic makeup. He paints his nails black and has been doing his makeup in this goth style since childhood. In the present day of the anime, Gordon is 26 years old, making him one of the Black Bull squad's oldest characters.

Gordon is very tall, measuring nearly 6'2 in height, which also means he is one of the tallest characters in the squad. Compared to the manga, Gordon gets more characterization early on in the anime version of Black Clover.

6 Noelle Silva

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (11)

Noelle is a magical anime girl also known as the Sea Goddess due to her ability to transform and manipulate water. She is 15 years old and her birthday is November 15th. Noelle is quite small, standing at 5'3 in height.

Because she is from a noble family, Noelle has a snooty demeanor and a vain outlook on the world. In spite of her vanity and air of self-importance, she is actually insecure because she is unable to fully control her magical powers. She is in denial about her feelings for Asta and does her best to try to hide them.

5 Grey

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (12)

Grey is an alias for the female Black Bull squad member who practices transformation magic. Grey can shapeshift herself and inanimate objects. She has blue hair and is 24 years old. A common gag in the series is that Grey finds Gordon creepy due to his eccentric nature.

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Grey's childhood and upbringing are similar to the Disney story of Cinderella. She grew up very shy and was bullied by her stepsisters. When Grey transformed into her sisters, they became very angry, causing the former to run away from home. Yami invites Grey to join the Black Bulls, likely due to her impressive transformative powers.

4 Magna Swing

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (13)

Magna is the Black Bull squad member obsessed with fire magic. He is 18 years old and his birthday is April 7th. Magna is about 5'7 in height and has wild gray and black hair. He has a rebellious appearance and wears sunglasses most of the time.

Though he might look like a rebel, Magna is loyal to the Black Bulls and respects Yami's authority. Magna is easily angered and is quick to engage in fights with others. He supervises Asta and Noelle on their first mission when the two join the Black Bulls.

3 Luck Voltia

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (14)

Luck has a strange personality and grew up unable to stop smiling. He is 18 years old and his birthday is October 11. Like his rival Magna, Luck is also 5'7 in height. Because he couldn't stop smiling as a child, his mother was mean to him at times. But when Luck got his magical powers, she learns to respect and appreciate him more.

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Luck's intensity in battle and strong powers displayed during his entrance exam made Yami want him to join the Black Bulls. Luck's abilities center around the use and mastery of lightning magic, where he can electrocute opponents or make objects out of lightning.

2 Henry Legolant

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (15)

Henry has long, unruly hair and is of noble descent. He is 26 years old and his birthday is February 12th. He's estimated to be about 6'2 in height, making him one of the tallest characters in the Black Bull squad.

Henry uses recombination magic, a unique type of magic where he is able to turn a magical house into a giant golem of sorts that Henry can control in battle. He also has the ability to absorb others' magic, making him more powerful depending on the situation.

1 Secre Swallowtail

Black Clover: Every Black Bull's Age, Height, And Birthday (16)

Secre is of noble descent and spent 500 years as a bird. Secre's birthday is June 18th and her height is just under 5'0 as a human. As a bird, Secre's height is just 3 inches tall.

Secre has the power of sealing magic, allowing her to trap things inside of other things and open and close various items. She can locate magical items effectively and sense mana as well. She can also use healing magic and can turn herself into an anti-bird.

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